Phone Bhoot movie

Phone Bhoot movie is a Bollywood movie this movie is the production and best phone booth this movie’s name is different because this movie’s action is very different.

so your life of a Booth his movie is a very comedy and famous This movie is based on two men he is poor and they get a loan from the bank and do not pay interest.

Movie Review

so he decided he start a business and get the money and rich he is at the business Phone Bhoot punishment to both.

this movie like Ghostbusters Versus is a Hollywood movie this movie is a ghost special Hindi movie 4% so you go and cut the both his movie is very comedy scenes and plays the role very famous character, Katrina Kaif.

Phone Bhoot movie, Hindi is famous all over the world because this already a lot of movies playing a role and this is a very famous actor in the Bollywood industry and in this movie, some new actors provide a chance to perform rule d by your movie and see these comedy scenes and ghost life.

so you got it and comedy scenes and some story suspense full story this movie is my different view the ghost life if you are bored in life so you go Twitter movie and finish the bore and see these comedy scenes and the suspenseful story his movie is based on comedy scenes and ghost life this movie is a family.

you watch with the family and you enjoy the comedy scenes and pen full story and you watch happily with family and is a chance for talk important watch this movie. so you got this movie and get the funny scenes and comedy scenes.

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