Kulche Chole movie

Kulche Chole movie is coming soon this year this movie is very best because the character playing it with it’s very good at this movie that is very famous you just movie song characters is very

movie, the heroine

in this Kulche Chole movie, the heroine is taken already in this movie the story of a man and harder because he left her woman better he doesn’t like Shahrukh Khan because he poor man and he noticed.

so he decided he got a business on provide because he died many jobs many companies but he not. get the job so he hit the blood and he said your house and he started the business this business is starting his name kulche chole.

He’s going to be sort of the business ending he decision is ready because he represents and he invests this time and capital and one day he gets the fame and this business is very popular starting business his shop is one but a few years ago later he said the many shows.

this business is very famous in Delhi city for years he is very famous and he goes to Jannat Mirza’s home and all too he gets the merry me but he already married this news he’s here.

so this is already broken and he loves art but he goes back to work and this business is very popular and all his time is invested in this work but one day.

in this business, some 1% comes this person is a girl and he’s a love for his girl and he said that Mary and Shahrukh all life is very happy and loveable so he in remaining life is live happily.

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