Fast x movie

we discuss the best Hollywood movie in this article Fast x movie is an action-adventure movie in 2022 this is a very hit movie and the majority of the people in the world like Hollywood movies because this movie they use the latest technology and something new no I am telling about you about the Fast x movie.

if I am talking about their release date so it is released on 21 October 2022 in the United States of America if we talk about their director so their director is Jaume collect Serra if we talk about it distributed so it is distributed by Warner Prose Picture it’s based on a character from DC music by lorn blew.

Now we discuss the best actor and actress in black in the movie so there are around about 5 to 6 actors and actresses that play an important role in the movie of the Fast x movie the first and the main man in the movie is the rock you know about the rock is the where is strong.


if I am telling you about the biography of the rock if we talk about the age of the rock so he is born on 2 May 1972 and no he is 50 years old and he was born in California United States about it sites so it’s height is 1.96 m and it is a height if we talk about its full name or its real name so it’s name is Deva dongles Johnso.

in this movie, The Rock plays an importer troll and as a hero in this movie, they use some new technology introduce and the majority of the people like it very much because the Rock is the man that everyone in the world now about the rock plays some movie solar people wanted to see him.

the basic story of the movie is the rock in this movie plays an important role in Rod and their enemy in full of revenge for each other dynamo of the road killed her stepson and the rock is very angry at this moment and IT side to the revenge of his son and he is in full on fire and their prepare him and wanted to destroy his enemy who will destroy his son.

when the rock is prepared its speed is very very much according to the tailor their speed is enough not when the operator takes off there is much speed of the rocket when the rocket is launched they will catch him which is impossible in reality.

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