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“Carry On Jatta” is a Punjabi comedy film that took the Punjabi film industry by storm when it was released in 2012. Directed by Smeep Kang and produced by Sippy Grewal and Pushpinder Happy, this film has become a cult classic and a benchmark for Punjabi comedy. With its witty humor, engaging storyline, and memorable performances, “Carry On Jatta” has etched its name in the annals of Punjabi cinema.

Plot Synopsis

The film revolves around the life of Jass (played by Gippy Grewal), a man who is desperate to go to Canada to marry the love of his life, Meet (played by Mahie Gill). However, there’s a twist in the tale – Jass must be married to go to Canada. This leads to a series of hilarious events and misunderstandings as Jass pretends to be married, inadvertently involving his friends and family in the chaos. The film is a roller-coaster ride of laughter as the characters navigate through a web of lies, leading to uproarious situations.

Key Highlights

  1. Stellar Performances: The cast of “Carry On Jatta” delivers outstanding performances that are the driving force behind the film’s success. Gippy Grewal shines as the lead character, Jass, with his impeccable comic timing and expressive acting. The supporting cast, including Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, and Jaswinder Bhalla, adds layers of humor to the storyline with their exceptional performances.
  2. Rib-Tickling Humor: “Carry On Jatta” is known for its side-splitting humor that ranges from witty one-liners to slapstick comedy. The dialogues are cleverly crafted, and the situational comedy keeps the audience laughing throughout the movie. The film successfully blends satire, farce, and absurdity to create a unique comic experience.
  3. Family-Centric Theme: The film centers around the importance of family and relationships, despite the chaos and confusion. It highlights the lengths to which people go to protect their loved ones and the sacrifices they are willing to make. This underlying emotional theme adds depth to the comedy and resonates with the audience.
  4. Catchy Music: The music of “Carry On Jatta” is another highlight, featuring foot-tapping Punjabi tracks that enhance the overall entertainment quotient of the film. Songs like “Marjawan,” “Roula Pai Gaya,” and the title track “Carry On Jatta” remain popular among Punjabi music enthusiasts.

Legacy and Impact

“Carry On Jatta” not only enjoyed commercial success but also made a lasting impact on Punjabi cinema. It set new standards for comedy in the industry and paved the way for more Punjabi comedies to reach a wider audience. The film’s characters and catchphrases have become iconic in Punjabi pop culture, and its influence can be seen in subsequent Punjabi comedy films.

Sequels and Spin-offs

The success of “Carry On Jatta” led to the creation of two sequels, “Carry On Jatta 2” (2018) and “Carry On Jatta 3” (announced), which have continued to entertain audiences with their hilarious plots and memorable characters.


“Carry On Jatta” is a timeless comedy that has brought endless joy to its audience. Its success is a testament to the power of humor and storytelling in cinema. With its unforgettable performances, uproarious humor, and enduring legacy, this film remains a must-watch for anyone looking for a hearty dose of laughter and entertainment in Punjabi cinema. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to carry on and watch “Carry On Jatta” for a laughter-filled cinematic experience.

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